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Cloud Hosting

At Microexcel we have the following service offerings on cloud:

Hybrid Cloud Offerings:

These types of cloud services have enabled companies to have 80:20 principle applied on their cloud planning strategy with help of such services our client were able to migrate heavy services which are offered to the cloud this could be either 80% for example videos, tutorials etc. or 20% DB/WFE etc. on to the cloud so the remaining 20% for authentication, authorization, encryptions are placed on their internal network or 80% for Intellectual property contents on their internal network.

Private Cloud Offerings:

Microexcel has helped companies to create their own private cloud based on their requirements either Linux or Windows environment. These type of offering are good for companies where the employee access internal contents more often example HIPPAA compliant Hospital industries where patient records are to be kept more secure.

Public Cloud Offerings:

As we are certified partners of Microsoft our predominant migrations are performed at Azure. We have enabled many customers to migrate their vital services to Azure for its flexibility and ease of offerings. We have also migrated or built on cloud applications on AWS the leader in cloud services. Our planning of lift and shift of existing application to cloud was one of our strengths.

Cloud Managed Services:

We have helps customers to use SAAS from Azure or AWS for their needs. One of our main focus is Office 365 on Azure cloud we have migrated more number of users to office 365.

Security Offerings:

Microexcel security service offerings has helped address the organizations objective of information security program while enabling comprehensive, transparent and cost-effective security solutions. These offerings has helped our clients to address their advanced threat management through enhancing their monitoring capabilities, driven by compliance objectives which creates the path to achieve security efficiencies. The ever evolving focus on security has now been more towards the proactive investigative management of threats than of reactive threat management. . This helps the organization improve the foundation through securely embracing latest technologies, mitigating all kind of security threats and regulatory compliance while demonstrating its business value.

To know more about our Cloud Offerings Services, please send us an email to sales@microexcel.com or call us at 201-866-6789.

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