Innovative Open source Solutions for Extranet and Intranet Portals


Liferay Portal is a free and open source enterprise portal project primarily used to power corporate intranets and extranets. With over 60 built-in portlets and many flexible options that helps you realize immediate ROI, Liferay is preferred by many organizations. The Liferay project additionally supports Liferay Social Office, Liferay Sync, Liferay Alloy UI, Liferay enterprise Connectivity Apps and the Liferay Marketplace.

At Microexcel, we build Liferay Portal for an enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and provide long-term value to your business. We focus on your business needs resulting in a solution that meets your unique business needs.

Microexcel has a proven expertise in creating Innovative Platforms powered by open source integration for its global customers. We have years of strong experience of end-to-end solution delivery leveraging best of the breed open source technologies / frameworks. Microexcel, as a Professional Open Source Solutions Provider brings several important benefits to ensure the success of the project.

Microexcel has helped small, medium and large organizations solve their collaboration, content, information and knowledge challenges through use of innovative and integrated solutions, thereby shaping their Information Management and Enterprise Collaboration landscape right from ideation, planning, and deployment through to facilitating broad adoption of such initiatives within the organizational workforce.

Microexcel has strong capabilities and rich experience of deploying Collaboration Portals / Corporate Intranets and vertical focused application portals leveraging Liferay Portal platform helping organizations of all sizes better manage their growing content, streamline their business processes, share knowledge and engage organizational workforce to drive business productivity and growth.

We offer a unique and powerful combination of leading-edge Portal technology and Solution expertise to meet our customers’ requirements. Microexcel has been deploying content driven web 2.0 portal solutions to its customers globally leveraging best-of-the-breed open source platforms, frameworks and technologies such as Liferay Portal, Alfresco ECM, JBoss Portal, Redhat CCM, BPM and Analytics for over a decade. Microexcel’s rich experience of working with organizations of all sizes especially Insurance enables it to assist its customers to plan, design, configure and implement the Liferay Portal to suit their specific needs.

Microexcel is deeply committed to ensuring its customer’s long term success with the Liferay Portal and offers deep open source integration capabilities along with rich services to maximize their investments in Liferay.

Microexcel’s Key Differentiators

Like most solutions, Liferay implementations are not one-size-fits-all and typically requires integration of some key other open source or proprietary products / frameworks / components to provide an innovative ‘Whole Solution’ to business problems.

Microexcel works closely with its customers to ensure the right solution is designed for a given business problem / scenario.

Microexcel’s services help organizations extend the value of their Liferay Portal deployments by ensuring proper design, architecture, enhancements and integrations with other enterprise applications to deliver production grade Liferay solutions.

Through our multiple Portal solutions implementations, our engineering teams have further customized and enhanced Liferay with:

  • New functionalities including creation of content migration service, custom portlets using the JSR-168 and JSR-286 portlet standards and so on.
  • Customization of core Liferay and out-of-box portlets to fit custom requirements using the EXT and Plug-in development model in Liferay.
  • Integration with other open source frameworks such as with Alfresco content repository, Pentaho BI Analytics, Orbeon and other open source / proprietary products.
  • Creation of multi-tenant SaaS based services such as Hosted Retail Analytics, and Further add-ons (which we call Solution Accelerators) to streamline and fast track Portal based solutions development and deployment for our customers.

Microexcel has a dedicated Liferay Practice with large pool of Liferay trained and certified architects, developers and system administrators. Our Liferay consultants have gone through several end-to-end implementation of content & portal solutions thereby ensuring the best practices of Liferay are adhered to throughout the project ensuring quality and timely delivery.

Microexcel team take full responsibility of the ‘business outcome’ and adhere to proven best practices including:

  • Guiding customers with their portal requirements in light with Liferay’s architecture and its out-of-the-box features. This has profound effect in significantly reducing the solution turnaround time and achieving quality deliverable within budgets.
  • User Experience building quite early on through innovative UI, Navigation and Themes.
  • Releasing early and often. Bringing user perspectives into the process early on.
  • Agile Unified Process (AUP) with short, iterative development cycles and work products geared to portal implementation.
  • Proven and extensive experience in software development and systems integration using industry standards and architectures.
  • Producing high–quality deliverables and providing clear walkthroughs at each landmark of the project.
  • Consulting with you to provide uninterrupted strategic advice beyond the framework of a single project.
  • Access to Microexcel’s Liferay Professionals and Developers

Repository Of Pre-Integrated Portal Solutions

To the end customers, this results into alternative, innovative & cost- effective Portal Solutions that meet their needs as opposed to traditional Portal systems that come with rigid, large footprints and require big budgets to implement. Also, since we already have repository of pre-built, pre-integrated and pre-tested Portal solutions which caters to most of the common Portal, CMS and Collaboration scenarios, considerably less effort is required to implement and maintain Portal solutions for the customers resulting into faster turnaround and lower TCO.

Microexcel has delivered various solutions leveraging Liferay and other open source frameworks. These are:

  • Enterprise Portals – Employee Engagement Portals, Social Intranet Portals, Partner Portals, Enterprise Information Management
  • Web Portals – Corporate Websites, B2B / B2C web portals
  • Knowledge Base / Management Portals
  • Self Service Portals
  • Social Networking Solutions
  • Content Centric Applications Development – Workflow based Grant Management Solutions for Development Fund tracking and monitoring

Our existing Liferay based solutions implementations and rich overall open source expertise has resulted into prepackaged Liferay based Integrations which could be re-used in multiple scenarios. These pre-packaged integrations ‘Liferay Solution Accelerators’ help reduce turnaround time and cost of Liferay based solution implementation.

Open Source Understanding & Contribution

Using its unique combination of Liferay expertise and deep understanding of open source model, Microexcel helps organizations conceptualize, design and deploy open source portal & collaborative content management solutions. This has far reaching effects in ensuring the achievement of business outcomes through a proper Solution rather than just product deployment.

We have rich experience in building and supporting large open source Platforms using our deep expertise in open source integration, development, support and enhancement.

Some of the key highlights are:

  • Worked on more than 200 different open source frameworks
  • “Condensed” expertise on around 100 Open source frameworks and technologies with rich experience integrating different frameworks
  • Heavy use of Open source in full solution development cycle end to end
  • Packaged Open Source Practice internally as “OSSExpert Tool Kit”
  • Delivered large scale white labeled completely Open source platforms

To know more about our Liferay services, please send us an email to or call us at 201-866-6789.

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