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Strategic Staffing Services

ASA-MemberWith the constantly changing technology landscape, having the right skill sets in-house can be challenging to maintain and also may not be cost effective. Creating a strategy that takes advantage of hybrid team models that incorporate contracted team members with proven experience and skill sets, with in-house teams that can also learn from external professionals, can be an effective approach.

Microexcel’s staffing division offers strategic staffing services that take a different approach than others in the industry. With more than 15 years in the industry, we know how to recruit, match, motivate and retain our team members and ensure that our customers are always receiving the best service.

As a private company, Microexcel has put considerable investment in providing the proper training and certifications needed for our team members to help them reach their career goals as well.

Our commitment to outstanding service

We truly believe that a company’s success is in direct proportion to the quality and dedication of the people they hire. Our commitment to outstanding service is the foundation of our success, and acts as a guideline for every key decision and interaction that we have with our clients, employees and each other.

Microexcel’s strategic staffing services breathe new life into companies by maximizing workforce productivity in conjunction with workforce quality. Our clients are provided with a platform that allows them to meet real-time business volume with maximum efficiency and mobilizes cost-friendly talent suitable for their needs and budget.

As a leader in the staffing industry, we take an innovative and proactive approach to both contract and permanent staffing, ensuring that our customers’ specific needs are always met. We continually meet and exceed our client’s expectations with our stringent processes and protocols for candidate assessment, competency and on boarding.

Contact staffing@microexcel.com for more information about our strategic staffing services or call 201-866-6789 to speak to a representative.

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