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8 Tips on What Features to Look for When Updating or Implementing Your Telemedicine Ecosystem

Published: October 25, 2016

Newer products are designed to work across EMR systems, be customized, and link to networks of specialists

Like any technological advance, telemedicine solutions for hospital systems, medical centers, ACOs, multispecialty clinics and health plans evolve over time.

But the basic issue of choosing a great telemedicine solution is finding one that fits your organizational needs, is flexible and scalable, interfaces with multiple electronic medical record systems and won’t be outdated quickly.

Finding the right solution is more important today than ever before, given that the growth of telemedicine is nearing 80% between 2013 and 2016.

So how do you go about selecting the best telemedicine upgrade or implementation for your organization? By carefully assessing and cataloging your specific needs and asking providers the right questions.

To help with the selection process, we’ve put together 8 tips on what features to look for based on telemedicine trends in 2016.

  • Think future forward technology – look for solutions that can accommodate mobile device functionality and other innovations such as secure messaging or video chat consultation between patients, health professionals, staff members and pharmacists to improve patient engagement.
  • Portability of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – increasingly important for documentation and to track treatments and outcomes, portability means flexibility in serving patient populations.
  • Simplicity in compliance – one that is configurable to help you to be in compliance with state telemedicine laws regardless of which state you practice in.
  • Designed for all healthcare professionals – including mental health, health and wellness, pharmacist and anyone who has a stake in the healthcare system.
  • 100 percent customization – for any size organization from the largest hospital systems, medical centers, ACOs and multispecialty clinics down to individual practices and health plans.
  • Telemedicine that pays – by allowing you to charge for face to face video, telephone consultations, secure messaging and other innovative communications technologies.
  • New revenue streams – by offering direct access to your own products or thousands of approved healthcare related products to patients and their families.
  • Cloud-based solutions – allow for relatively quick implementation (days or weeks, instead of months) with your network of providers.

Finding a flexible and adaptable telemedicine solution is the key to giving every healthcare professional the tools they need to compete in the digital world, to connect every patient to all of their healthcare professionals, to introduce tools for the advancement of wellness, population management and outcomes measurement. The best systems deliver the precise tools that can enhance patient engagement and outcomes, and improves clinical effectiveness and the entire telemedicine management process.

Do your homework, understand what your organization needs, ask lots of questions and find an innovative, scalable, adaptive and customizable telemedicine platform that can take you into the future.

To learn more about Microexcel’s innovative telemedicine solution, contact us at info@microexcel.com.

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