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A Holistic Path to HR Transformation and Employee Engagement

Published: September 27, 2016

Low unemployment globally has added a new intensity to the talent wars, to finding, hiring and retaining top talent to move businesses forward to accomplish their growth goals. These factors are driving human resource departments to transform their processes and the way they do their jobs.

It’s no longer enough to spend most of their time tracking tactical elements like employee benefits, reviews, compliance, rewards, incentives and recognition. HR departments must fully maximize investments in recruiting by retaining and nurturing the talent it brings on board.

For many companies, this is a shift from the tactical to the strategic. What’s more, it means finding a solution to close the gap between strategy and execution. That calls for centralizing and standardizing HR processes nationally or internationally to create a people- or employee-centric organization that engages talent from the first day of employment. It also requires aligning all employees with the company direction and goals.

Simply put, the solution is employee engagement and retention through talent maximization.

There are tools available that make this transformation possible. These are comprehensive tools in one powerful package that provide the foundation to success of HR departments worldwide. They must be flexible and support local and global compliance needs, but be based on each individual organization’s business drivers.

Deploying the right solution puts every employee and every department on the same page to motivate, engage, set goals, educate, train, track and record everything. It turns HR into a force that moves business forward by providing advanced tools such as:

  • One global HR system of record across all platforms, geographies, business units and employee types to reduce the amount of administrative activities that divert valuable time away from engaging with employees
  • Complete workforce data that combines HR and talent data for a more comprehensive employee profile, providing powerful insight in aligning your talent to corporate objectives
  • Powerful analytics that correlate workforce data with financials, CRM and other data for actionable insights and ensuring the right people are performing the right functions at the right times
  • Social collaboration that optimizes workforce alignment, productivity, training, and engagement

This solution is SAP SuccessFactors, which saves organizations time and money by putting all the HR transformation and employee engagement pieces together in one comprehensive package.

Would you rather your HR department continue to spend 70 percent of its time occupied with tracking tactical elements like employee benefits, reviews, compliance, rewards, incentives and recognition? Or would you rather have it become a strategic instrument of employee satisfaction and engagement that drives your business to the next level?

It’s time for the HR department to transform into a strategic business partner and focus on how to help the organization meet its objectives. SAP SuccessFactors can help align HR to the business goals and improve efficiency, cost savings or operational effectiveness.

Part 2 of this series addressed the issue of how current HR processes may be impacting employee engagement.

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