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The Power of Storytelling in Business – 3 Understated Keys

Published: September 11, 2018

Contributing writer: Travis Healy, Business Development Manager, Microexcel CSD Division; Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse

Imagine this if you will…

You and I are meeting for lunch. It’s our first meeting, and you’re potentially interested in the services my company provides. After the pleasantries of introductions, you ask…

“So, tell me about Microexcel.”

I have two choices. I can regurgitate basic information and put you into a state of boredom “We do this and this and this and are based in…and…”

Or…I can start with a story.

“I was meeting with one of my good friends who just told me about a horror story they’re going through – drowning in a sea of business data and how they’re absolutely lost as to how to quantify it or make it actionable. Now, the board is breathing fire down her neck.”

From there…

“So, we talked about the importance of gaining visibility into that data and the importance of streamlined and integrated business communication tools. My team at Microexcel provided that visibility through…, so we started to…”

You get the gist.

Which approach is more interesting? For me, I’d much rather be engaged in a conversation via a great story, related to my concerns versus being puked on with data points.

One approach gets you remembered, the other gets you classified.
The How To’s

Well crafted and well presented business stories engage your audience on three key points of consideration.

A Great Business Story Has a Great Hook that Shocks & Engages the Senses.

A Great Business Story Transitions Itself into the Relevancy of the Personal Life of the Audience Member.

A Great Business Story Shifts to Incorporate Your Services Into the Resolution of a Related, Story-Driven Conflict.

Crafting good stories takes time, but is well worth it when you are trying to separate yourself from hundreds or thousands of voices competing for the attention of your potential or existing clients.

Here’s an excellent example from Gantry Creative on how to engage and brand two businesses at the same time, through effective business storytelling:

Authorize.NET & Prism Kites

Re-think how you engage your clients. Take time to craft great stories and tell them not only through video, and case studies but through story driven in person discussions. You’ll have much more interesting meetings…and outcomes.

As always, shoot me a DM if you have questions…or if you want to hear a jaw-dropping business story about a CIO I know…that will rock you to your core.

Travis Healy / Enterprise Business Development Manager / Microexcel

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