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Tired of Jumping Between Analytics Products to Get BI Answers?

Published: January 17, 2017

Stop waiting on IT for BI answers, there’s a better, faster, less costly solution

As innovative companies exploit the content in their massive data warehouses or on local servers to create data-driven analytics solutions that drive business strategies, they frequently deploy dozens or hundreds of individual business intelligence and/or data warehouse tools.

Those BI tools evolved over multiple years, with many focused on addressing one or two specific issues. Without an enterprise data and reporting strategy, that heterogeneous environment grows to become more complex over time.

Traditionally, BI and data warehouse analytics work has always been seen as IT projects.

Frequently, those tools require a significant time and resource commitment from IT, often distracting lean teams from critical system management, updates, security or other issues.

Since many of those tools didn’t talk to one another the job increasingly fell to IT to do the hard work of writing code to export data from various data storage sites, blending it together and producing dashboards for management. It was, and remains today in many cases, a time consuming and expensive process to gain the real analytical information needed to guide a company.

Organizations using multiple BI tools that are not interoperable can expect a delay of weeks or months to see the results or dashboards of data already collected.

Is there a metaphorical light at the end of this challenging tunnel – one platform that allows integration of data sources, analytics and reporting tools?


The solution is based on cloud computing and the application of a library of proven APIs or software integrator interfaces that perform much like plug ins that all work together on a single platform.

It combines all analytics capabilities – including planning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence (BI) – in a single SaaS solution.

That makes turning analysis into useful business information much faster than trying to wrangle all that from dozens of standalone tools that don’t interface easily or cost-effectively with each other, saving considerable time and resources.

Too many companies have invested heavily in burdensome data architectures and ecosystems to manage their data, rather than to better manage where the inherent value of the data can be applied. The right cloud BI platform can turn 20 separate tools into one integrated tool.

The advantages of this single BI cloud approach include:

  • Simplification of data and insight harmonization in support of the business
  • No capital investment
  • No need to invest and install a new data infrastructure
  • Reduced cost because of cloud hosting
  • Speed of data normalization
  • Time savings for IT so they can spend more time on strategic initiatives
  • Proven and highly secure cloud protection
  • Discover, visualize, plan, and predict in one product versus separate point solutions
  • Experience a new and completely different product designed for the way you work
  • Go live quickly and affordably with a subscription-based SaaS analytics deployment
  • Take advantage of native integration with on-premise applications and data sources

In its 2016 State of the Cloud Survey of IT professionals, Right Scale® found the lack of resources/expertise is now the #1 cloud challenge (cited by 32 percent). That’s a very powerful incentive for considering an all-in-one business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics in one platform.

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