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Unified Service Desk with Session Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and in Contact

Published: November 7, 2017

In a casual survey by Customer Dynamics, a Microexcel Company, conference attendees were asked how many applications their customer service agents typically use to service customers. The low answer was five, with some respondents answering with a number of applications in the teens. Having to use this many different applications to help customers makes service agents’ jobs overly complex, their desk tops incredibly clunky, and negatively impacts their ability to deliver effective and efficient customer service.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Unified Service Desk and inContact, the agent’s experience can be streamlined into a single interface and their workflow automated to reduce clicks.  Calls, chats and other interactions can be handled quicker paving the way for improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings.

Watch this quick video blog from Customer Dynamics, a Microexcel Company, on how to use Unified Service Desk and Session Management to enhance the agent’s experience!

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