On Demand Webinar

Building Forms Based Workflow: Take Forms Mobile with Nintex

October 18, 2016 – 11:00 AM EST

With today’s mobile workforce modern business forms should enable rich interaction with business processes. They should aggregate data and content from multiple sources, and encourage informed and collaborative human interaction.

There are a lot of forms in the wild that are more complex than they need to be. Are you trying to get too much out of your forms? Simplify your forms and support them with effective workflow to get the best results. Integrating forms and workflow leads to greater benefits overall.

This 45 minute webcast: Building Forms Based Workflow: Take Forms Mobile with Nintex will help you discover the keys on how to bring forms and mobile together within the Nintex Workflow platform, helping you cut costs, save time, eliminate manual processes and boost productivity.

You’ll also discover how to:

  • Give your team access to content from everywhere.
  • Make it easier for your employees to collaborate.
  • Keep your people productive when they’re not behind their desks.
  • Generate forms for browsers and publish to the cloud in one click.

Any form. Any device. Anywhere

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