On Demand Webinar

Incredible Ways to Tackle Open Source Test Automation

March 2, 2017 – 11:00 AM EST

Tool options for Open Source Test Automation has been crowded in the last few years. Test managers have found it complicated to pick the kind of tools that suit their applications, development life cycle, test infrastructure and team’s skill sets.

View this webcast: Incredible Ways to Tackle Open Source Test Automation, and discover why Selenium, along with other open source tools, provide incredible options to optimize time, costs, and resource and skill investments. We’ll also showcase why it’s a huge advantage of learning one tool and then implementing strategies to serve various development models like Agile, TDD and BDD over other Test Automation Tools. Even open source mobile test automation tools like Appium are using similar API’s to Selenium.

The topics covered in this webcast are:

  • General Selenium Automation Model
  • Selenium with Google Framework – Robot RIDE
  • Selenium and Cucumber Implementation
  • Appium implementation for Android and iOS
  • CI Integration of all above

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