On Demand Webinar

Optimizing Patient Care and Experience Through Customized Assessments

June 20, 2018 – 1 PM EST

Watch this 30-min webinar wherein healthcare software specialist Chris Worsley walks through how making customizable assessments can improve your patients’ experience and care with Assessant, our proprietary, powerful, customizable, cloud-based, assessment and diagnosis software application. This introduction to Assessant will walk you through how making customizable assessments with Assessant can improve patient experience and care.

Assessant was created with healthcare professionals in mind, to make keeping track of patient feedback and progress faster, with less digital paperwork and headache. In this first webinar of our Assessant series, you will find an overview as to what Assessant is, why you need it, and what can it do for your healthcare organization. An easy to follow demo will be provided and we’ll open the floor to all your questions as well!

Watch this webinar while you learn:

  • Create adaptive assessments catered to your patients’ needs
  • Track and analyze patient progress and satisfaction over time
  • Help your patients become partners in their own care
  • Measure clinical success with quantifiable data
  • Take advantage of assessments to understand patient needs with meaningful feedback

You’ll also be able to watch a non-technical, easy to follow along, value-based demo of Assessant which will profile the benefits and problems the tool solves!

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