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Within the depths of huge volumes of data, lie hidden highly valuable information. Organizations are increasingly aware of the potential value contained within this data, but face challenges in how to realize that value through actionable, data driven business decisions.

If your organization is overwhelmed by a large volume of unstructured, uncategorized content or find it difficult to bring together content stored in multiple “silos” and systems, then intelligent data modelling can create a pathway to harnessing the business value of disparate content.

Microexcel CSD Data Architecture Services

Microexcel Custom Software Development (CSD) provides core services around data and its many formats. From data conversion, migration, to data modelling, Microexcel helps you meet immediate and long term needs by streamlining your data formats for consistency.

Microexcel Custom Software Development (CSD) practice can cost effectively convert your structured and unstructured data into any format of your choice.

Import, validate and split the data into multiple tables within a new database.

Formats include: XML, HTML, XLS, Adobe PDF, SGML, Word Docs, Mainframe Data, etc.

Take electronic or paper versions of your data and convert them into any format allowing you to easily use old historic data

Rekey huge amounts of data

Convert legacy system data


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