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It’s rare to find that only out-of-the-box, prepackaged software products will support all the needs of an organization. Most enterprises, regardless of size, typically have a mix of packaged software applications and home-grown or custom developed software applications to support basic and complex business processes.

As a leading custom software development company, Microexcel Custom Software Development (CSD) practice offers a full range of custom software development services that address and solve business challenges ranging from prototyping a software solution across various platforms and devices, integrating disparate software systems, building e-commerce or e-learning software platforms, or taking a native application and extending it as a mobile application.

Whether your need is custom software application development for on-premise, web, cloud or mobile, Microexcel CSD focuses on leveraging the latest technology and best practices to delight our global customers.

Organizations turn to CSD when they face challenges, such as:

Your available internal development resources are overwhelmed and backlogged into the foreseeable future.

The Management Team is not in position to approve adding technical staff FTE overhead at this time.

You’ve been able to deliver similar projects in the past, but you’ve lost the resources who are familiar with the code.

A need has been identified, but there is uncertainty around what the best approach might be or what technology direction to take.

Implementation of a “Health Cloud” to accelerate app development, reduce EHR and system integration efforts, and lower dev and IT costs

While the requirements for a project have been identified, the existing internal resources lack the necessary specific development/domain expertise and would benefit from support and direction.

For any number of reasons, an existing project is behind schedule and experienced, capable resources must be quickly added to save the delivery date commitment.

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CSD here to help

We’re able to draw upon a significant depth of experience and leverage solutions we’ve delivered through the years. We take a project-based approach through agile, scrum methodologies.

We also understand that budgets impose limitations on the external resources you can add to the mix. That’s why we offer a variety of “blended rate” options to create a pricing model that fits your situation – typically up to 20% less than like competition.

Why we do it…
We live to solve software related business problems for our clients!

Engagement Models

With our seasoned team of professionals on-shore and off-shore, combined if desired with your internal resources, we can lead or be a part of a high-performance team to maximize efficiency, velocity, quality, with a goal of long-term ownership and value.

We offer flexible engagement models to best fit your needs and budget: Project, Retainer, Fixed Bid, or Time and Materials. We also provide resource staffing, if there is a need to add a resource to your existing team. There are many ways to shape our relationship and we’re open to any models that best suite your preference, situation, budget, and timeline.

Value in engaging Microexcel CSD

When considering your options, we’d ask that you reflect on the value points that an engagement can bring to your team:

We provide a full project cycle focus: Design, Project Management, Development, Testing, and Deployment

Gain rapid, predictable time to market from a team that is accountable to your schedule.

Leverage our depth of experience in solving technology challenges for a diverse set of clients.

Our deep quality processes ensure successful deployment the first time with QA Automation, Unit Testing, Code Review, etc.

Key Technologies

As a leading developer of contemporary applications, we use the latest in technology development platforms. If your needs require the use of less current technologies to better fit your existing environment, given our years of experience, it is likely we are versed in that capability as well.

The current, most common technologies deployed include:



























While there are several generally accepted methodologies employed for software development, we’ve found that most organizations we partner with use and prefer Agile Methodology.

Agile software development is based on an incremental, iterative approach. This approach leaves more flexibility to change requirements over the life of the project and encourages constant feedback from the end users. The feedback element is critical, as even the most thorough pre-project planning can leave out required features and functionality.

Cross-functional teams work on iterations of a product over project life cycle. The effort may produce a backlog that is prioritized based on value and timeline metrics. The goal of each iteration is to produce a working product.

By implementing an Agile development methodology, elements such as teamwork, accountability, and face-to-face communication are heavily reinforced. Business stakeholders and developers must work together to align the product with defined needs and goals.

Testing and QA

Microexcel understands the significance of reliable, highly resilient, and predictable applications and products. We believe that quality is a planned and concerted effort, not an afterthought. Implementing a comprehensive quality organization calls for a detailed set of processes, best practices to adopt across the development life cycle, a well-trained test team, scalable test infrastructure and tools, objective metrics to measure quality and an overarching test strategy.

Disruptive business events, such as integrating digital into legacy systems, personalization and integration of channels, remediation of existing apps, and platform migrations, are changing the technology landscapes of enterprises. Ensuring performance and smooth functionality of applications and platforms has magnified the importance of Quality Assurance (QA).

Our development processes always include consideration of the need to focus the appropriate time for testing – done with efficiency and effectiveness. We do this by leveraging our expertise in various industries, domains, technology, frameworks, tools, and methodologies, thereby reducing the time and effort spent on testing and achieving the desired business outcomes.


To know more about CSD Methodologies Services, reach our Sales Representatives or call us 201-866-6789.

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