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Microexcel is Certified Progress Kinvey Partner specializing in helping our clients by leading strategic consulting engagements that help each to understand and prioritize the components and resources to drive their business success delivering their digital transformation initiatives.

With KinveyTM, our customers use a single language to write once for native apps across multiple platforms. Using web-based development and a rich collection of UI components to build truly native apps with NativeScript and their choice of JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular or Vue.js.

Why engage Microexcel CSD to build your Mobile Application NativeScript?

  • We have years of experience across a wide range of industries building Native Mobile Applications across iOS and Android with one code base using NativeScript.
  • We’ve paid the price of delivering on many development engagements to know the pitfalls and tricks to accelerate and make tight deadlines with a fixed-bid budget.
  • We can help your development team be more productive and speed their learning curve with best practices, tools and approaches to make NativeScript a powerful mobile development platform.
  • We never take a one size fits all approach to helping our clients. You may need developers, Dev-Ops, UI/UX guidance, AGILE Project management, QA or any combination of these skills and resources. We can fit into any kind of resourcing model that fits your requirements.

Our experience can easily guide solutions built on a modern serverless backend that will auto-scale to the highest levels, have the flexibility to support frequent changes, and integrate easily into Systems of Record and authentication using a configuration-based low-code approach.

High productivity with no sacrifice on developer control. It is the best of all worlds!

Why engage Microexcel CSD on your Mobile Application Transformation Journey with Progress Kinvey?

  • We help you focus on delivering innovative digital experiences, instead of spending time on other, more rudimentary tasks.
  • We help you focus more on the creative side, and less on the non-value-added work. Let us worry about the backend while you focus on your KPI’S.
  • We help you accomplish your goals faster on time and in budget by providing a solution that can be reused after purchase.
  • Most applications start as a great idea, but pressing deadlines, budgets, and other limitations mean the original vision often gets compromised in development. With Fast Track we define the scope of work with your team and help you get to your proof of concept quickly. And when you move forward with us it is not throw away work it can be used to accelerate your time to MVP.

To know more about CSD Progress Kinvey Services, reach our Sales Representatives [email protected] or call us 201-866-6789.

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