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With advances in medicine changing the way medical services are delivered, in addition to the pressures of regulatory compliance, creating meaningful patient engagement, and improving the quality of care, the healthcare industry is facing challenges on many fronts. In our efforts to help our healthcare clients meet these challenges, Microexcel leverages cloud-based intelligent custom solutions for the healthcare industry to improve the way providers deliver care, how patients are empowered, and how processes are managed.

Whether it is aligning business processes, systems, and supporting infrastructures or better leveraging mobile solutions and other innovative technologies, Microexcel is a leading partner that helps deliver results for improved patient outcomes.

We count as clients: payers, providers, EHR/PM vendors, healthcare associations, and other healthcare related organizations. Together, we seek to identify the gaps that exist within your current systems and processes.

The Custom Software Development (CSD) Practice within Microexcel, as the name suggests, provides consulting, development, and delivery of targeted software solutions.

By doing so, we are able to offer services such as

Data visualization of real-time data from operations to the clinical side and every step in between. (Large Payer Network)

Mobile patient check-in and reminders application resulting in decreased missed appointments and open schedules (Large Hospital System)

Implementation of a “Health Cloud” to accelerate app development, reduce EHR and system integration efforts, and lower dev and IT costs

Clinical assessment tool that manages the creation and administration of a wide range of behavioural health assessments (Behavioural Health EHR)

Core Publishing Engine

In today’s competitive arena, gaps in information can prove disastrous; as the demands to manage and distribute information within an organization continue to increase, so do the ever-increasing expectations from information consumers.

No matter the industry or size, all organizations face the challenge of providing accurate information access in a timely, updated manner and across multiple sources and devices. With the right information at your fingertips, your organization can make informed decisions by presenting data in ways that are up to date, accessible, with added value.

Through collaboration with a variety of organizations, Microexcel Custom Software Development (CSD) practice has designed, developed and delivered an innovative information delivery system that meets the needs of both the business and the end user. The solution is called Core Publishing Engine (CPE).

Core Publishing Engine (CPE) allows Microexcel’s Custom Software Development practice to offer a much more cost-effective solution with much faster time-to–market, overcoming two of the most significant business challenges to moving a project forward.

The Features

Subscription Publishing

CPE in this case can be used to deploy content delivery system, simplicity in navigation and provide opportunities to users make additional purchases, all in secured environment.

Internal Reference Library

CPE is custom fit for the organizations which are looking for competitive advantage through lower risks and higher quality decision making.

Regulatory Compliance

CPE allows staff to locate the appropriate compliance information with ease without impacting loss in productivity.

Not for Profit/Professional Association

The CPE provides organizations capability to provide relevant content such as references, best practices and education materials to their members with flexibility to access from anywhere, on any type of device, and facilitating rapid development.


In any organization, it is important to periodically assess services and structures, in order to identify areas for improvement and ultimately help you realize your goals more efficiently. This enables you to demonstrate and better communicate your organization’s success, progress and impact to employees and customers.

Microexcel’s Custom Software Development team developed just such a tool. Originally developed for the healthcare industry, Assessant has now become the perfect companion for any organization that wants to know how clients, users, employees, patients, etc. interact with their services.

In the Cloud or on Premise, the software uses sophisticated, industry relative technology that allows you to engage with your clients in flexible workflow driven formats that save time, money, improve business processes and optimize communications.

Assessant enables you to

Assess symptoms & diagnose optimal solutions

Evaluate risks & accurately recommend resolution paths

Analyze historical assessment data to evaluate client progress

Secure migrating, storing and accessing assessment data digitally

Optimize assessment communications & business processes


To know more about CSD Solutions, reach our Sales Representatives info@microexcel.com or call us 201-866-6789.

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