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Our goal is clear: create technical documentation that is easy for users to navigate and grasp.

At Microexcel CSD, we see our documentation services as much more than just writing manuals and user guides. Our team is able to present complex IT solutions and software functions in a straightforward manner to a wide audience of users with varying levels of understanding.

In the rapidly changing world of digital technology, the need for creating quality documentation has increased in importance. Recognizing this need, we take the time to understand the intended audience to develop targeted, customized information that is easy to consume.

The services we provide include

Engagements can be ongoing/retainer, project based, T&M or other models that fit your needs and budget

Full range of capabilities – from basic “hot to” / “quick start” guides to comprehensive

Development of documentation for multiple audiences (internal support, end user, etc.)

Development of style guides and templates

Documentation to address/include consideration for regulatory requirements

Why getting documentation right is critical

Inadequate, incomplete, or poorly formed documentation can create many costly issues for an organization. It could cause a product to be rejected or delay the launch of a new product, increase support desk traffic and costs, drive down client retention, and potentially risk regulatory noncompliance. Microexcel CSD can help when there is a lack the expertise to meet the documentation requirements or the resources are not available to complete the documentation in a timely manner.


To know more about CSD Documentation Services, reach our Sales Representatives or call us 201-866-6789.

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