Functional Testing Services

Software Application Functions – Verified

Functional Testing

An indispensable process in the software development life cycle, Functional testing verifies that each function of the software application conforms exactly to the requirement specified.

Microexcel ensures software application/product quality by providing measures for the following factors – Accuracy, Reliability, Usability, Integrity and Conformity. Our independent testing practice offers functional testing specifically in Quality (Efficient Test Process), and Reliability (Repeatable Test Methodology).

Microexcel offers end to end testing – from testing requirements to test execution, with extensive reporting and management.


Requirement ambiguity test, functional testing, system integration testing, regression test suite development, regression pack maintenance and user acceptance testing/support

Technology Expertise

Web applications (J2EE, .Net), packaged applications (SAP), collaboration tool (SharePoint), mobile (iOS, Android), legacy systems (mainframes, TPF), cloud

Key features of our functional testing services:

  • Testing experts with the comprehensive experience across domains and technologies
  • Industry standard Waterfall, Agile, Iterative and Hybrid and QA best practices
  • Proven, repeatable and best of the breed testing methodology
  • Proven test case design, test case execution and defect analysis techniques
  • QA Dashboard’s to measure product quality and quality of testing
  • Reusable process templates and frameworks to accelerate and standardize QA processes across applications
  • Metrics and Measurement framework to capture the nuances of the engagement (productivity metrics, quality metrics, progress metrics, defect trend metrics)
  • Process management framework to accomplish process stability, repeatability, predictability, information security, service continuity, and effectiveness, efficiency, and Knowledge management.
  • Defect management and Test management using leading open source tools such as Jira, Bugzilla, etc. and commercial tools such as HP Quality Centre, Microsoft TFS and IBM Rational among other tools.

Functional Regression Testing

Regression testing is the only reliable way to ensure that modifications like functional enhancements, bug fixes, patches, and releases do not introduce new errors into code or to check whether modifications have successfully eliminated existing errors.

With shorter software release cycles becoming the norm, ensuring optimum test coverage and quality assurance becomes difficult.
Microexcel’s dedicated Testing Center of Excellence provides maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases, leading to minimal cost of appraisal and risk.

This enables us to effectively identify affected functionalities, as the application progresses from one release to the next.

Our regression testing service offerings include:

Gap analysis to identify risk areas in current regression set

Optimal regression pack definition based on risk-based testing approach

Data Strategy for effective regression testing

Regression pack enhancement based on successive releases/enhancements

Comprehensive metrics set for easy result analysis from regression test

Regression Test Management

Strategy and creation of comprehensive regression pack along multiple lines inclusive of

  • Smoke Testing Pack: Determine build acceptance (Accessible & Responsive)
  • Modular Regression Pack: Allows for successive enhancement of regression pack instead of one-time creation
  • Automated regression packs based on cost-benefit analysis

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The use of Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics is now part of every organization. But the validation and testing of data in these systems is challenging, requiring a continuous and comprehensive framework to test and validate these high-volume and high-complexity Data Warehouse (DW) or Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

Microexcel ‘s dedicated data migration QA service assesses the integrity of data maintained through the migration process and is particular in validating the accuracy of migrated data.

Our BI and DW testing service offerings include:

Data quality and ETL Testing

BI Dashboards | Reports Testing

Performance and Stress Testing

End-to-end (E2E) regression and integration QA

BI Application Usability Testing

E-Commerce Application Testing

From clothes, to groceries, to furniture, E-commerce has taken over traditional shopping in a big way. As more companies jump onto this particular bandwagon, E-Commerce verification and validation becomes vital.

Technical complexities of a website increase through a variety of browsers, operating systems, processors, third-party plug-ins (payment gateways etc.), and mobile gadgets make testing a challenging proposition.

E-Commerce challenges can range from functionalities, and performance, to user interface and cross browser compatibilities.

This is why our E-Commerce testing service offerings include:

Website testing to end-to-end functional testing

UI and User interface testing

Order management testing

Payment engine integration testing

Security and Penetration testing

Compatibility and Usability testing

Mobile Application Testing Services for iOS, Android & Windows Apps

More than 62 percent of the population world-wide owns a mobile phone, and this number is only set to grow. As the demand for mobiles grow, so does the need for quality testing services for mobile applications.

To make sure your applications run flawlessly on different mobile devices, operating systems and networks and are devoid of functional errors, Microexcel provides continuous monitoring and testing of application behaviour.

Microexcel’s services are take into consideration the target device, infrastructure and combination of tools to perform essential testing for getting mobile applications to market on time and within budget.

Our mobile testing service offerings include

Mobile Test Automation

Mobile GUI & Usability Testing

Mobile Compatibility Testing

Mobile API Testing

Mobile Network & Security Testing

Mobile Regression Testing

Mobile Performance Testing using Simulators & Emulators


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