Healthcare Industry Solutions

Changing regulations and compliance requirements, industry consolidation, and the rapid explosion of new technology are constant challenges faced by the healthcare industry.

Microexcel is a preferred partner for healthcare organizations. With our deep domain expertise and proven capabilities, Microexcel helps organizations in the healthcare industry to streamline processes through automation, build better and quality oriented services via easier data access and insight, and manage risings costs through efficiency and enhanced systems integration.

Broad Enterprise Services for the Healthcare Industry

Our comprehensive portfolio of enterprise services and solutions are geared towards enhancing operational efficiency and profitability and encompasses broad technology services that include:

  • Telemedicine solutions via AZOVA platform
  • Portal development and self-service applications for providers (patient records, network management) and patients (payment, enrollment, claims management, patient education)
  • Infrastructure management
  • Custom application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Data management: integration, archiving, security
  • Seamless data exchange between systems and providers
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics

Comprehensive Healthcare Specific Solutions

Our Healthcare Center of Excellence (CoE) provides application and technology solutions designed to address healthcare specific business processes that enable technology innovation to support:

  • Better patient engagement and empowerment
  • Collaboration among varying providers, organizations and agencies
  • Optimization of processes and business effectiveness
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention efforts for a skilled workforce

Below are some of the applications designed for the healthcare industry, developed by Microexcel, which can be tailored, via our robust custom software development services, for your specific needs and budget:

  • Patient Engagement
    • Personal Healthcare Records
    • Telehealth Opportunities
  • ERX or E-Prescribing
  • Code Referencing Application
  • Core Publishing Engine
  • Real-time Decision Making Testing Application
  • Clinical Care Companion Mobile Application

For more information on our services and solutions for the healthcare industry, please contact us at

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