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As technologies advance, industrial machinery and components (IM&C) manufacturers increasingly collaborate along the value chain to develop new revenue streams by providing holistic solutions that deliver real value to customers. Companies in the IM&C sector are finding they need solutions to streamline the flow of information, enabling real-time decisions and connecting people, machines, products, and services.

All manufacturing organizations as they grow in size and operations, encounter some challenges:

  • Is on time delivery becoming a challenge?
  • Is managing supply chain tedious?
  • Are stock positions unclear? Are delivery projections off by a wide margin?
  • Lack of visibility in production?
  • Has planning become too cumbersome?
  • Trouble tracking development costs & schedules of new products?

Innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are breaking down industry boundaries. The ability of machine to machine communications for predictive analytics and capturing of critical data via sensor technology is transforming business processes and practices to drive better on-time delivery, performance, higher quality, lower costs, optimized assets, and increased revenues.

Solutions for IM&C companies

Microexcel has the expertise and comprehensive portfolio of enterprise services and solutions that effectively addresses such challenges faced by the IM&C industry and weaves all key enterprise business processes ensuring streamlined systems, with controls built in, giving complete real-time visibility and into each area for reliable and decision making.

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions can help across different business priorities including:

  • R&D / Engineering – Accelerate time to market with improved and integrated collaboration functionalities.
  • Sales– Improve customer satisfaction by providing highly configurable, value-added solutions.
  • Supply Chain – Move faster and more efficiently with tighter collaboration across numerous locations and companies.
  • Manufacturing – Gain complete visibility and reduce production costs.
  • Aftermarket Services – Maximize profitability by providing performance-based service offerings bundled with the original equipment.
  • Human Resources – Enhance core HR and payroll functions and boost talent management and workforce planning.
  • Finance – Plan and analyze financial operations with enterprise risk and compliance management incorporated.
  • Procurement – Reduce your time and cost with strategic sourcing and supplier management.
  • Technology and Platform – Leverage technologies like big data, real-time enterprise and analytics, enterprise mobility, cloud solutions and application integration to your maximum benefit.

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