Microsoft – Managed Services Business

Optimize, monitor and manage

By leveraging Microsoft technologies, we help you accelerate your journey towards digital transformation enabling you to be prepared for the future.

By ensuring your technology core is always upgraded to the current version, the digital ecosystem of your organization is perfectly positioned to thrive!


Support Blocks

Current technology has evolved such that systems only consume resources as they are needed; we at Microexcel believe the same principle should hold true for support of those systems. With multiple locations across the world, Microexcel is able to offer full 24×7 coverage without compromising the quality of service delivered. Our flexible support model allows us to offer personalized services that can scale to your organization’s needs without the commitment of a long-term engagement.

Microexcel offers several different packages that lets your organization extend their support offerings as needed. If you are looking for something outside these packages then reach out to us. It is our goal to provide you with true solutions to your service needs.


Adhoc Support

We understand that there are times when your team is overwhelmed and needs additional resources but a large investment up front is excessive. Microexcel offers a flexible support model where projects or tasks can be assigned to our team to complete. There are no unnecessary project management or administration fees; you only pay for the work requested.


Microsoft Premier Support

Making your IT infrastructure more optimised, secured and available

Premier Support is a comprehensive support solution helps reduce costs and enhance productivity to realize new business opportunities for any stage of IT lifecycle.


To know more about Microsoft – Managed Services Business, reach our Sales Representatives or call us 201-866-6789.

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