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The app you imagine, is the app we build.

Phones, tablets, and e-wearables are all the rage, as are the business demands for mobile apps. However, mobile development requires people with rock-solid experience in the latest programming languages and the agility to support all relevant platforms.

Microexcel CSD mobile application development team leverage experience across many clients and markets to quickly design the experience, architect the solution, and develop the application.

Here’s a quick look at our Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Mobile App Development Lifecycle

Microexcel CSD, in partnership with Progress Software, help companies develop native mobile applications using NativeScript. We not only use NativeScript for many client projects but also assist clients interested in coming up to speed with this highly effective mobile application development tool.

An open source technology built around JavaScript, it’s not only fast to learn, but is also highly extensible, saves time, resources, and money when it comes to developing your native mobile apps.

Why is this important? Well, here’s why:

Cross platform development is a key strength

With NativeScript, you write just one code base and then deploy it for iOS and/or Android collectively.

Learn new concepts using reusability

With NativeScript, coders who know JavaScript, XML, and CSS, and have the foundational know how of native iOS and Android frameworks, can jump into NativeScript right away.

Faster access to native libraries

NativeScript provides out-of-the-box support for virtually all native libraries, and plug-ins to those features through simple scripted API’s.

Open source development ecosystem

Developers can not only get readily available help to unique problems they discover, but they can help shape the present and future of the framework.

All of this means that both the developer and application user will benefit from all the open source community’s efforts to make NativeScript mainstream and commercially viable.


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