Non-Functional Testing Services

Impacting the Behaviour of Software

Performance Testing

A lack of effective methodology for predicting system behaviour and performance under real life stress conditions, can expose organizations to utter catastrophe. This are slowdowns and failures that cripple productivity, drive away customers and decimate the company’s bottom line.

To prevent this, Microexcel’s dedicated performance Test Center of Excellence (CoE) adheres to the highest standards for services, technologies, tools and domain knowledge to provide performance bottleneck analysis.


Performance Advisory Services, Performance Testing, Performance Engineering, Performance Monitoring, Capacity Planning, Benchmarking and Sizing

Tool Expertise

Web Applications (J2EE, .Net), Packaged Applications (SAP, MS Dynamics), Mobile (iOS, Android), Legacy Systems (Mainframes, TPF)

Tool Expertise

    Commercial Tools:
    HP Load Runner, Neotys Neoload, VSTS Load Test, Rational Performance Tester, Web load

    Open Source Tools:
    JMeter, Open STA

Key features of our functional testing services:

Load Testing

Application under test subjected to different levels (low, normal and high)

Stress Testing

To determine the breaking point of the application under test

Endurance Testing

The stability of application is examined by executing for an extended period of time

Spike Testing

Impact of a sudden increase in load during abnormal conditions is examined

Scalability Testing

To determine the scalability of application under test for the target load

Volume Testing

To test the performance of the application at high volumes of data

Partner with Microexcel for all your testing needs and benefit from:

  • Best practices, processes and techniques to generate load across geographies.
  • In-depth expertise and experience in a wide range of technologies, platforms, tools and business domains
  • Experienced work load characterization and design patterns
  • On-demand performance analysts and architects to improve product performance, capacity planning and sizing assistance
  • Vast experience in both open source and commercial industry leading performance testing tools such as HP Load Runner, NeoLoad, MSVSTS, JMeter etc.
  • Our strategic partnerships with HP, IBM, and SAP allow us to stay current with commercial and automation tools.

Compatibility Testing

In a technology-dependent world, each customer information base is a unique mix of diverse operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, clients, and hardware.

Add to this a multitude of versions, configurations, display resolutions, and Internet connection speeds. This mosaic of components creates a great impact on the behavior of the software product in use and has a direct and immense impact on the maintenance cost.

At Microexcel our compatibility testing services, using real test environments, assesses how well your software application functions in different operating systems, browsers and network environments.

The key features of our compatibility testing are:

Browser and device compatibility testing services on all the leading devices and browsers in the market

Infrastructure / OS / Web / App server compatibility testing services capability

Cost-effective matrix ranging from the basic collection to a complex enterprise server farm

Expertise in defining the product specific compatibility issues

Cost effective compatibility test lab with productive workforce to provide various compatibility testing services

Security Testing

In the age of technology and cloud mobility, social computing and web applications, the biggest concern, is security.

Three very important considerations for creating a secure business environment are:

Availability of Applications
Privacy of Data
Confidentiality Information

Microexcel Security Test Lab offers an effective solution to manage our customer’s security risks and make it more reliable, efficient and safe.

Our security testing service offerings include:

Web application penetration testing
Mobile application security testing
Product security testing
Cloud application security testing
Web services security testing
Security code review
Network security assessment

Usability Testing

The QA team assess usability and design factors to ensure delightful end-user experience. These factors comprise: ease-of-navigation, feature – function and error control, consistency, feedback, performance, visual clarity, accessibility, content and whether on-line transactions actually do what they are supposed to do with operationalizing the product before going live.

Why you need usability testing

  • Help your site visitor with flawless first impression
  • To understand and improve the performance of your site
  • Ontime usability issue fixes and increase conversion
  • To build trust and credibility with your audiences

Our usability testing service offerings include

  • Functional and UI testing
  • Internationalization (I18N) Testing
  • Localization (L10N) Testing

To know more about Non-Functional Testing Services, reach our Sales Representatives or call us 201-866-6789.

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