Outsourced Product Development

Extend All Your Existing Software Capabilities

While there are many coder and developer resources available, there are significant advantages to working with an organization that specializes in working with software product vendors. Microexcel CSD has a team of experienced product engineers, familiar with the unique needs of startups, independent software vendors and highly market specific software product vendors to meet their software development needs.

For a startup, there are likely many shifting priorities. Development resources must be highly focused on building not only to a feature set, but also ensuring that consideration is made for scalability, future upgrade/new feature roadmap, and deployment strategies. With the flexibility of the many Microexcel CSD engagement models, we can lead the dev team or fill in gaps as needed to meet timelines. Our partnering mentality drives us to become a long-term part of your team, not a one-time resource provider.

As an ISV or highly market specific software product vendor, it is critical to not only keep competitors at bay but push forward to maintain a leadership position in your market. Nimble startups, changing market conditions, and ever-increasing client expectations put pressure on upgrade/release cycles. Our Microexcel CSD team is well acquainted with these many forces and is ready to support your efforts.

In the ever changing the face of the software product landscape, it’s good to have a partner that you can turn to. Whether your needs require a complete product rebuild to a cloud environment, increase release cycle times, integrations to other in-system software, documentation, UI tweaks – Microexcel CSD is ready to help.

We recognize the importance of developing quality software on time and on budget. In the case of our software product partners – it is more than a system application – it is your business on the line. We offer services in support of your business mission:

CSD design

Design, scope, and build POC (proof of concept) / MVP (minimal viable product) prototypes

CSD core software

Core software product engineering, deployment and testing

CSD documentation

Technical documentation production

CSD software development

“As needed” software development resources


To know more about CSD Outsourced Product Development Services, reach our Sales Representatives info@microexcel.com or call us 201-866-6789.

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