Functional Regression Testing Services

Regression testing is the only reliable way to ensure that modifications like functional enhancements, bug fixes, patches, and releases did not introduce new errors into code or to check whether modifications successfully eliminated existing errors. With shorter software release cycles becoming the norm, ensuring optimum test coverage and quality assurance becomes difficult.

Key challenges facing businesses:

  • To achieve effective regression cycles without effecting costs
  • To reduce maintenance costs and regression cycle time and improving the quality of testing
  • Inability in determining the termination of testing and whether all risks have been addressed
  • To accelerate the releases of systems under test

Microexcel’s dedicated Testing Center of Excellence to provides maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases, which leads to minimal cost of appraisal and risk. Our innovative approach enables us to identify impacted functionalities effectively, as the application progresses from one release to the next.

Our regression testing service offerings include:

  • Gap analysis to identify risk areas in current regression set
  • Optimal regression pack definition based on risk based testing approach
  • Strategy and creation of comprehensive regression pack along multiple lines inclusive of
    • Smoke Testing Pack: Determine build acceptance (Accessible & Responsive)
    • Modular Regression pack: Allows for successive enhancement of regression pack instead of one-time creation
    • Automated regression packs based on cost-benefit analysis
  • Data Strategy for effective regression testing
  • Regression pack enhancement based on successive releases/enhancements
  • Comprehensive metrics set for easy result analysis from regression test
  • Regression Test Management

Regression testing of software with Microexcel offers the following advantages:

  • Maximized test coverage with manual and automated regression testing techniques, best practices and proven procedures
  • Use of reliable, easy-to-maintain, and productive frameworks
  • Significant time-to-market reduction due to innovative testing approaches that enables detecting the affected functionality as quickly as possible

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