HLS 500

Small to Medium Enterprise GxP compliant SAP HLS Solution

HLS500 GxP Compliant Solution for HLS

HLS500 is an SAP S/4HANA deployment that offers rapid time-to-value for enterprises in the Health, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices space. The solution focuses on small and medium enterprises and includes validation of Good Practices (GxP) compliance.

GxP compliance is a legal requirement in the Health and Life Sciences (HLS) industry. Microexcel’s SAP HLS500 solution uses computer system validation (CSV) to validate enterprise software for GxP compliance.

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Upheavals brought about by Covid19, changing regulations, innovations and M&As have triggered the need for an economical solution to support HLS companies effectively transform into an enterprise with compliant processes and SAP technology.

The Microexcel Advantage

  • Prefabricated Solution tailored for SAP based HLS Start-ups.
  • Certified Computer System Validated (CSV) and GxP compliant processes meeting FDA Compliance Standards.
  • Organizational Enablement and Training.
  • Insource or outsource IT and Shared Services to reduce risk and lower operating costs.

This solution is for all HLS businesses seeking:

  • Support for organizations experiencing emerging or accelerated growth driven by market disruption and innovation including Covid 19, M&A etc.
  • Enhanced collaboration capabilities with business partners.
  • To optimize shared and IT service costs and operations.
  • To integrate and make all processes and technology compliant.

Microexcel Solution features

  • GxP compliant processes across Finance, Sales, Manufacturing and Supply Chain to support small to medium Pharmaceutical or Life Science Company.
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Technology tailored to small and medium life science company.
  • Accelerated training and change enablement assets.
  • 5-8-month Implementation Plan following Computer System Validation Procedures.
  • Certified delivery methods, deliverables, and team to support implementation and related services.
  • Optional Process and Solution Outsourcing.

Key Benefits

  • Proven processes, technology, and available shared services.
  • Enabled by SAP S4/HANA Cloud platform, an industry leading ERP platform in HLS industry.
  • Global reach of solution.
  • Enhanced training and user enablement.

To know more about HLS500 , reach our Sales Representatives [email protected] or call us 201-866-6789.

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