Mergers and Acquisitions Transition

The perfect solution for small entity SAP M&A

Inorganic growth through mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures has led to the challenge of managing post-merger integration with the new entity.

Post M&A or divestitures, businesses need to get into BAU mode as soon as possible. The enterprise priority is the need for project management for the M&A.

The SAP deployment to a multi-tenant cloud option works perfectly for an enterprise looking to

SAP HANA Advisory

Limit change management

Restrict cloud deployment to the newly created entity
SAP HANA Advisory

Delay moving the new entity

It acts as a stage setting for a future merger with the parent company’s ERP

Postpone complete integration

Migrate newer entities to the cloud and integrate later
SAP Predictive

Optimize performance

Migrate entities on temporary service agreements (TSAs) working at sub-par efficiency levels to the multi-tenant cloud

Migrate in a staggered manner

Start by transitioning the core team to prepare for a complete S4 upgrade

Partially movement

Move a section of the entity, followed by other functions, to ensure a graded, seamless integration
Why does moving to SAP S/4HANA Cloud edition make sense for small entities?
  • Lower TCO: Multi-tenant cloud options enable shared infrastructure, applications, and platforms
  • Low Time-to-Implement: Pre-configured code, optimized hardware and security tested
  • Least Time to Deploy: Pre-configured process takes 4-6 months to implement
  • Standardized code and SAP cloud management make implementation complexity-free
  • Multi-tenant SAP offers free tools such as Enable Now training tool and Automated testing tool to build and run automated test scripts.
    • Guaranteed scalability, security, and upgrades (quarterly and mandatory), offering the latest and best functionality
    • Standardized systems that eliminate the need for upgrades and always ensure up-to-date systems
    • No concerns related to technical installations since these are cloud-hosted with SAP
    • Guided configurations and complete support from SAP
    • Clear roadmap and stagewise deployment before full migration
    • Any In-app development with S/4 HANA gets complete support from the SAP cloud platform
    • Acceleration of integration and consolidation without disruption

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