SAP CPG100+: Consumer Packaged Goods BAiO Partner Solutions for SMEs

SAP Certified & Pre –Configured SAP® Business All-in-One Solution - For The Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

CPG100-Plus-SAPSmall and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry face the same challenges of their larger counterparts.  Efficiently managing inventory planning, warehouse management, and product development are just some of the operational challenges that require a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

CPG100+ is a SAP certified and preconfigured SAP® Business All-in-One solution developed by Microexcel specifically for the CPG industry including:  food and beverage, durables or home appliances, luxury goods, luxury items, apparels and footwear. Prepackaged with best practice scenarios for the CPG industry, CPG100+ comes with cost and project duration predictability.

Every business process – finance, sales and marketing, logistics , inventory management, production and distribution, customer relationship management, customer service – is optimized through a dynamic, integrated system. Build on SAP best practices, this platform will help you scale your business and integrate it with your distributors, retailers, suppliers and other business partners.

Successful guarantee in 100 Days!!

Based on state of art SAP HANA, CPG100+ comes up with an implementation guarantee of 100 days with following features:

  • 100 preconfigured business processes to support your core business
  • Predefined Management dashboards to provide actionable analytics
  • Mobile Applications Enabled
  • Track and Trace Solution Enabled
  • Out-of-the box portal with a shopping cart, fully integrated
  • 5 most useful FIORI applications delivered out-of-box
  • Single and two-dimensional barcode scanning and label printing functions
  • Scalable solution that supports as little as 5 users

Packages Offered:

CPG100+ is offered in three (3) packages based on the size of the organization and the business complexities that come with growth. They are SILVER, GOLD & PLATINUM.

  • CPG100+ Silver is the basic foundation on which all future processes are built. The Silver package includes the following key functions: Financial Accounting, Customer Order Management, Procurement, Inventory Management and four dashboards.
  • CPG100+ Gold adds manufacturing and quality functions to the Silver package and covers Finished Product master data management, MPS and MRP, Shop Floor Control, Product Costing and Quality Management (QA) functions.
  • CPG100+ Platinum adds Customer Service and Mobile Management

CPG100+ is delivered on a right-sized hardware, comprehensive support plan (ExcelCare™) and with a SME pricing scheme. The option of a fixed-cost fixed-scope implementation reduces risk and accelerates time to value.

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