System Architecture/Integration

Discover Balance Across Multiple Platforms

Microexcel CSD recognizes that a review systems architecture within any organization starts by first understanding how current systems meet user requirements and how each system fits within the overall enterprise architecture.

With most systems in some way interconnected with other systems, it’s not practical to evaluate system architecture without also considering an effective systems integration approach.

We include each of these dual aspects in every engagement where system architecture/integration comes into play. This could include projects focused on modernization of legacy system applications or development of new applications and interfaces to address changing business needs.

In either case, this inevitably leads to system modifications and enhancements that potentially put pressure on an organization’s budget. Microexcel CSD helps organization by strategically aligning systems with enterprise architecture and creating flexible integration solutions, with multiple engagement models that can relieve some of the budget pressures.

As a member of your team, our mutual end goals would include

Faster access to and increased accuracy of business information

Greater flexibility to accommodate new business requirements

Ability to drive greater value from existing applications, information, and business processes

A reduction in system maintenance costs

More flexibility when adding new applications in the future


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