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Issue: There are many hidden costs around continued use of outdated legacy systems, including a growing gap between the current state and contemporary best practices and client expectations – making the organization less prepared for the digital future.

An application, system or business process may be referred to as “legacy” for a variety of reasons. The term is not likely to relate to the age of the system, although that is sometimes the case. Frequently, that system plays a central role in a company’s IT deployment and cannot be eliminated without significant impact to the business.

It would likely be difficult to find an organization that doesn’t have legacy applications that serve a critical role in driving business operations. A wholesale replacement of these applications would involve significant time and resources.

Does that mean the old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies in this situation? For some tools and applications, it might. But for many, there are hidden costs, self-imposed limitations, and missed opportunities.

Another perspective

There is a quote from John F. Kennedy that more aptly applies: “For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” The perhaps subtle but constant changes within any organization, such as staff turnover, introduction of new workflows or new software and hardware, simply make the continued maintenance of legacy apps costlier and more difficult to sustain. And “missing the future” is not an option.

External pressures

It isn’t only internal dynamics that make it more challenging to sustain business processes with legacy applications. New developers coming on to the team are not likely to be well-versed in older programming languages. Software product vendors have a limited lifecycle for their products, ending support for specific tools or APIs.
Most importantly, investing the support and maintenance of legacy software leaves less opportunity to innovate. This could expose the organization to competitors leveraging their more modern business processes, better meeting customer expectations and taking market share.

You want to move forward – what’s next?

One, there are a great many skill sets needed for the successful deployment of a new platform or core business app including SMEs (subject matter experts), project manager or delivery specialist, business analyst, QA specialists, developers, and more. Most IT departments simply don’t have the bandwidth to add system modernization to their project list.

Organizations that modernize apps can leverage new functionality, better security, greater efficiencies and other benefits but there are typically two major challenges involved.

For all the reasons we could cite that support the need to selectively modernize and replace legacy applications, if you must rely on outside resources to take on the project, the biggest obstacle then often becomes the cost related to that level of effort.

The Microexcel Best Practice driven System Modernization Solution

  • Microexcel offers a variety of proven approaches and techniques to software modernization that reduces complexity, demands on internal staff and risk. We address the cost factor with multiple engagement models that leverage our combined resources in the most efficient way possible.
  • Digital transformation is not just the latest catch phrase – organizations can no longer rely on outdated software and modernize their core technologies. Enterprises will benefit only when they stop seeing modernization as a one-time project and embrace it as a cycle.
  • Taking advantage of third-party expertise can be an effective way to address the need to embrace the system modernization cycle. Microexcel CSD is ready to partner with your team to access the current state, develop a clear strategy, consider opportunities for improvements, and introduce the very latest technologies and architecture solutions.

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