Test Advisory and Assessment Services

Indentifying Growth Opportunities Through Testing

Microexcel’s Test Advisory Services (TAS) bring high visibility to an organization’s process.

This is done by focusing on key rapid assessment areas centered around people, processes, tools / technology and framework in the areas of functional testing, and non-functional (test automation and performance testing).

Strategic Test Consulting and Assessment Services:

  • Quality Assurance audit
  • Gap analysis to identify improvement opportunities
  • Assessment of current QA and testing practices
  • Audit test artifacts and processes: questionnaires, interviews and reviewing sample documentation
  • Consolidation of test capabilities, assets, processes, tools, infrastructure
  • Assessment of automation framework and tool sets, comparison to industry standards
  • Roadmap and implementation plan
  • Develop high-level recommendations with short, medium and long -term targets

Key business benefits of partnering with Microexcel:

Improved test efficiency with minimized post-production issues

Overall process improvement, better change management

Consistent cost savings through LEAN initiatives

Reduction of re-work through collaborative working environment between various key groups of SDLC

Right automation tools and frameworks selection aligned with business goals and customer enterprise software licenses


To know more about Test Advisory and Assessment Services, reach our Sales Representatives info@microexcel.com or call us 201-866-6789.

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