Test Center of Excellence

An Established Quality Process

Ensuring the efficient running of enterprise applications requires a critical testing period. In-house testing teams are often bombarded with testing projects and the speed at which they are required to test the adoption of new technologies, can often lead to a compromise on application quality.

Microexcel provides a comprehensive portfolio of quality solutions that help you reduce the risk of application or system failure ensuring your systems operate seamlessly.

With over a decade long experience our Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) enables companies to establish robust quality processes. Our software testing specialists have the right skills, processes, tools, and technology with a focused approach to help you get most out of your testing efforts in the digital enterprise.

Key features:

  • Common resource pool with domain and functional knowledge across the applications Standardized QA processes
  • Rationalized tool utilization and resource expertise
  • Proven Metrics and Measurement Framework
  • Proven standards and techniques for all testing types, tool utilization and standards
  • Lean Governance
  • Independent Audits to ensure process compliance
  • SLA Tracking and Compliance Audits
  • Decision Enabling Dashboards

Key business benefits of partnering with Microexcel:

End-to-end functional and non-functional testing

Robust testing framework’s

Standardized tools and methodologies to reduce testing cycle

Best practices that adheres to SLA compliance to ensure continuous improvement.

Key enablers (methodology, IP, thought leadership) to achieve proactive communication and partnership maturity throughout the engagement.

Cross training, service delivery excellence, customer satisfaction, productivity improvements and cost savings.

Improved time-to-market and mitigation of technical and business risks.


To know more about Test Center of Excellence Services, reach our Sales Representatives info@microexcel.com or call us 201-866-6789.

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